The management of training requirements and completed classes is most often a responsibility of a Human Resources or Compliance department. By its nature, it is a redundant and tedious process. The redundancy in the data entry and communications between interdepartmental staff. The tediousness is simply inherent in this process.

Customer Pain Point

This current process costs you in several ways:


Data communicated through email, phone calls, handwritten notes is usually entered twice at a minimum.  Besides the obvious data entry redundancy, there is also time associated with the creation, reading, and interpretation of each communication.


The reentry and interpretation of someone else’s data increases the likelihood of mistakes.

Employee Engagement

The back-and-forth communication and data entry tasks are boring and place employees in a less than optimum mental state.


This time intensive and disengaging task is typically put off by an organization until absolutely necessary. This last-minute preparation, in addition to inaccuracies, can easily result in audit non-conformances and non-compliance with safety, health, and environmental requirements.


Easy Training Tracker is an easily accessible SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that helps Training Managers and HR Departments incorporate a training tracking strategy within their organization. It’s designed specifically to automate the collection and retrieval of training information and its purpose is straight forward; to provide instant, thorough, consistent, and reliable training information to key people within your organization when they need it. To do this, the training management system attaches responsibilities necessary to get information from the person that ultimately must supply it.

Major functionality includes:

  • Training Requirements that are defined at multiple levels; facility, departmental, job description, employee, custom requirement groups (e.g., CPR, environmental)
  • Tracking of traditional classroom-based training
  • Custom document-based classes (e.g., organizational procedures, work instructions) in which an employee can download, review, and confirm they have read the document
  • Simple custom created testing that can be assigned as a requirement for any classroom or document-based class.
  • Automated notifications sent to employees, managers, and/or administration based on expiring or missing requirements.
  • User targeted report creation including training matrix, classes taken, and employee requirements.

Easy Training Tracker is a subscription-based cloud application that provides a cost-effective solution for any size business, from few employees to multi-facility enterprises. It is unique in its single-task focus. It is a training tracking engine that, once the structure is set up and requirements defined, will communicate and manage needs with little interaction from your HR or Compliance staff.