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We offer a wide range of managed IT service, support, & maintenance for your organization.

Don't Let It Come To This!

We can rid your network of vulnerabilities and maximize protection to keep your data safe.

Emerging Technology Systems was founded in 1989 in Clinton Township, Michigan with the primary goal of building carrier-class network solutions which address the movement of telephony and hardware systems into the next generation. We are at the forefront of providing network and computer solutions in Southeast Michigan. The industry is ever changing and with our knowledgeable staff, we are able to address any information systems needs.

Emerging Technology Systems is a leading provider of IT infrastructure products for the new public network. Our proven solutions enable service providers to quickly and effectively deploy an integrated network capable, and to deliver a range of innovative, new services.

With our open services, Emerging Technology Systems delivers end-to-end solutions addressing a full range of carrier applications, including trunking, residential access and Centrex, tandem switching, and IP voice termination, as well as enhanced services. Emerging Technology Systems concepts award-winning voice infrastructure solutions, including media gateways, soft switches and network management systems, are deployed in service provider networks worldwide. For more information, feel free to contact one of our network engineers at (586) 725-8295.

Your Outsourced I.T. Department

Having your own I.T. department can be extremely expensive – whether a full department with multiple technicians and hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, or a single employee. By outsourcing your I.T. needs to Emerging Technology Systems, you can save tens of thousands of dollars every year while still having a professional technician nearby in a pinch.

Get The Competitive Edge

If you already have the competitive edge, Emerging Technology Systems can help you maintain your position by offloading the complex IT Engineering services so you can focus on where you need to be headed. If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, Emerging Technology Systems can help you by integrating new IT solutions to position your company in the lead.

Custom Service Plans

Emerging Technology Systems can design a custom service plan to fit your unique needs or you can select from one of the carefully designed service plans. Looking for a solution to an immediate problem? Emerging Technology Systems offers engineering services on an hourly basis for short-term projects or problem resolution.


Your IT Specialist

Whether you need to expand your network, upgrade your capabilities, re-engineer for efficiency or replace obsolescent systems, Emerging Technology Systems is the IT specialist for the job. Empower your organization to do more, in less time, with increased profitability, by selecting Emerging Technology Systems as your IT engineering provider.